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Evolution is our Platform. Patients are our Purpose.

Evolution has already honed molecules and mechanisms that overcome life-threatening conditions. This occurred over hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary time. 

  • Elephants are resistant to cancer because their genomes contain dozens of copies of a tumor-suppressive gene (for reference, humans only have two copies).  

  • An ancient Chinese tree holds innate, anti-cancer fighting properties that have been shown to effectively treat cancer.  

  • Newborns decrease their inflammatory immune response during the first 48 hours of life, allowing for their microbiomes to colonize without overwhelming inflammation. 


At Peel, we are determined to translate these awe-inspiring discoveries into medicines for patients with life-threatening diseases. By applying our expertise in evolutionary and molecular biology with a deep understanding of how medicines function in the human body, we dynamically engineer these natural molecules into safe and efficacious treatments for people with devastating cancers and inflammatory diseases.  

The Peel R&D Engine: Picking Up Where Nature Left Off.

At Peel Therapeutics, our technologies and expertise enable us to determine and deliver on the therapeutic potential of evolutionary outliers that circumvent disease. By scouring the latest academic literature and evolutionary discoveries, our team seeks the distinct molecules in nature that exceed what we’ve deemed biologically possible. We then redesign nature’s offerings into medicines by tackling challenges including solubility, scalability and bioavailability. 


We are incredibly selective in the programs we evaluate, ensuring each drug has the potential to make a staggering impact for patients across efficacy and safety. Our process for evaluating potential assets includes deeply assessing the molecule’s structure, its impact on physiology and its ability to be delivered effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, our deep understanding of these molecules coupled with our experience in drug delivery enables us to develop these medicines to have a lasting impact for patients.