Our company's innovation comes from its unique position at the intersection of nature and technology, where we solve the problem of translating natural discoveries into medicine. PEEL develops and acquires evolution-based drugs that use nanotechnology and other advanced delivery systems to treat and prevent disease.

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have used the ingredients found in nature to provide cures for our ailments. The tools at our disposal today, from genetic analysis to cutting-edge nanotechnologies, have allowed PEEL scientists to continue to discover and apply nature's solutions to health and human diseases. Comparative biology, the study of one species to learn about the biological systems of another, has become a powerful tool to understand why humans develop diseases and learn about ways that other species avoid them.

At PEEL Therapeutics, rather than reinventing the "biological wheel," we apply millions of years in Research & Development that nature invested in elegant and evolutionary solutions to disease.  PEEL's team of scientists and innovators pick up where nature left off and merge these solutions with advanced technology to develop new medicines for human patients. The PEEL team remains focused on achieving the milestones necessary to bring the existing assets to market, while evolution provides a continuous source of opportunities for future development.


Inflammation & Death in COVID-19

Recent scientific studies tell us that COVID-19 patients are dying from complications of sepsis and acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS). The majority of these deaths are due to multi-organ failure caused by infiltration of neutrophil's and the body’s uncontrolled immune response to the viral infection. PEEL’s NTP treatment targets the innate immune system which could specifically inhibit the inflammation induced organ and tissue damage in response to Coronavirus. With this in mind, we are racing to translate this peptide from its newborn origins into a therapeutic that could benefit the sickest patients in need from the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

J Exp Med. 2020

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Red circles = PEEL's proprietary nanoparticles delivered to Human Osteosarcoma cells in vitro

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