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History of PEEL

PEEL Therapeutics was born out of the desire to improve lives with evolutionary solutions that nature has been developing for millions of years.  PEEL is a USA-Israeli emerging biotech that develops our evolution-inspired medicines to help patients all over the world. The PEEL pipeline originates from assets inspired by the evolution of elephants, plants, and humans for the treatment of cancer and a wide range of inflammatory diseases. We take our name from the Hebrew word for elephant (פיל), a large and naturally cancer resistant creature.

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PEEL Therapeutics started as a unique collaboration between professors from two world-class academic institutions, The University of Utah (U.S.A.) and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Israel). We began with a focus on cancer-fighting proteins in elephants, and quickly recognized the power of using evolution's solutions to treat and prevent disease.  Our expanded drug development pipeline now includes other compounds that also originate from nature.  PEEL's Neutrophil Targeting Peptide (NTP) comes from a small protein in newborns during the first 48 hours of life that blocks inflammation.  PEEL's anti-cancer small molecule originates from the leaf of an ancient Chinese tree used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. Our company exists at the intersection between nature and technology with a robust and growing drug development pipeline based on over 55 million years of evolution's Research & Development.   


Joshua Schiffman, MD

Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

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James Levison

Chief Financial Officer


Mor Goldfeder, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Trent Fowler

Director of Operations

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Aleah Caulin, PhD

Director of Preclinical Studies


Nitzan Krinsky, PhD

Director of Formulation Development 

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Adi Dror, PhD

Director of Protein Development


Board of Directors


John Warnock, PhD

Mary Tolan

Willard Dere, MD

Joshua Schiffman, MD

CEO | Co-Founder

Avi Schroeder, PhD



Board of Advisors


Sam Blackman, MD, PhD

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Mark Blumenkranz, MD


Adam Cutler


Jay Sullivan, JD


Yosef Zweibach